Make Your Company Vehicles Shine with a Fleet Wash Program

Your company fleet is a necessary part of your business. Whether you are delivering great products to customers, transporting customers, or heading to a job site, commercial fleets play an essential role in the day-to-day operations of any business. While business owners pay significant attention to what is on the inside of the vehicle, what may be overlooked is the outward appearance of your company fleet. 

Keeping your company vehicle clean is just as important as keeping it full of your high-quality goods and services that you offer. Dusty’s fleet wash program is designed specifically for cleaning commercial vehicles. Our flexible approach will help you maintain a professional appearance on the road and will help you promote your business anywhere. 

Flexible Cleaning Program

Our fleet wash program is designed with businesses in mind. Flexibility is key to running your business, and that’s why our program is flexible for your needs. As your fleet grows or increases road time, you may need to visit a car wash for your commercial vehicle more frequently. Or, if you are driving one vehicle less than others, you won’t need it cleaned as much. 

Our car wash hours are made for drivers and truckers who are on the road at nearly any time of day. We are open from 4 a.m. – midnight, 7 days a week. If you are passing through during a long stretch, you can stop in for a late-night car wash. Truck drivers’ hours are non-traditional, so we accommodate that. We are happy to keep our large vehicle car wash open in order to better serve commercial vehicles. 

No matter your commercial vehicle car wash needs, Dusty’s fleet wash program can help you. We understand how important keeping your company vehicle clean is and how business needs change over time. When you sign up for our program, know that you will stay in the driver’s seat and get the clean you need for successful operations at any time of day.

Maintain a Professional Brand

Keeping your company vehicle clean is important for maintaining a professional outward appearance. Fleet vehicles are one of the most public ways to promote your business. By visiting a car wash for your commercial vehicle regularly, you will show potential customers and clients that you care about your look and take time to clean up and stay professional.

Cleaning commercial fleets demonstrates how you approach your business. Dirty vehicles can hurt your brand reputation. Whether you use semi-trucks to haul large quantities of products or small vehicles to deliver packages, a clean company vehicle is essential for maintaining brand reputation and promoting your business. 

In addition to looking professional, excess dirt buildup and rusted metal can damage your vehicle and cause problems down the road. Regular car washes for your commercial vehicle are necessary to maintain the integrity of not only your brand, but your vehicle as well. 

Clean Vehicles of Any Size

Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. From small vans designed for passenger transport to large semi-trucks, company fleets often are made up of many different vehicles. It can be difficult to properly clean an entire fleet at the same location. Traditional car washes do not accommodate larger vehicles, making it tricky to orchestrate a company-wide wash. 

Dusty’s full-fleet wash program is perfect for large vehicles looking for a car wash. Whether your business utilizes mini vans, trucks or semis, Dusty’s can accommodate vehicles of nearly any size to diligently wash and shine them up. Our program is also flexible based on the number of vehicles you have, meaning you can clean your entire fleet easily. 

Keep Clean With Dusty’s

Keeping your company vehicle clean is critical for smooth operations and a professional brand. Traditional car washes do not account for large trucks, making it hard to find a car wash for commercial vehicles near you. Thankfully, Dusty’s makes it easy to clean your company fleet and maintain your brand reputation, as well as the integrity of the vehicles. 

If you are interested in regular washes for your commercial fleet, contact us about our fleet wash program.  We offer a discount for multiple vehicles. We can give you a wash card for each of your drivers so they can swipe their wash card whenever they visit Dusty’s wash.  Our system keeps track of which of your team members are using the wash and when they stop by Dusty’s.   We are a flexible late-night car wash in Milaca, MN that can accommodate large trucks up to 60’ long. Learn more about our program and visit Dusty’s for all your car or pet wash needs.