How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

Dogs have been friends with humans for thousands of years. They’ve been our fishing buddies, members of our hunting parties and, perhaps above all, members of our families. These furry friends offer unconditional love and help keep us feeling young. In fact, a dog can add years to your life by reducing depression, improving sleep quality and giving us extra exercise. That extra social and physical support protects dog owners against cardiovascular diseases. We owe a lot to our dogs, and in return we take great care of them. Part of taking care of your dog is keeping them clean. Some key rules are never to use human soaps on your pet, opting instead for oatmeal-based pet shampoos and conditioners. But how often should you wash your dog? 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for this one. How often you take your pup to the tub, groomer or self service dog wash depends on a few key factors.

What Type of Coat Does Your Dog Have?

A major factor in determining how often to treat your dog to a shampoo is the type of coat they have. Surprisingly, hairless dogs need to be washed the most frequently, requiring weekly baths to properly protect their skin. Dogs with medium to longer fur, like collies and maltese, should be bathed every 4 to 6 weeks. Some dogs have double coats, like huskies and labrador retrievers, or water-repellent coats like poodles. These pups only need to be bathed every few months, or once per season. For short-haired dogs, like pitbulls, once every 2 to 3 months should do the trick. It’s important not to over-wash your dog, as this can strip their natural oils and lead to dry, itchy skin. Between baths, make sure to brush your dog regularly to keep their coat clean and nice. 

What’s Your Dog’s Lifestyle Like?

In our neck of the woods, a lot of us bring our dogs along on camping trips, out hunting and fishing, or along for muddy summer hikes. It’s important to get that outdoor muck off your pooch. Even if your dog isn’t visibly muddy, outdoor adventures can lead to matted or stinky fur. If your dog is active outdoors, they’ll need more frequent baths. Using fragrance-free dog shampoo with oatmeal and aloe, like Earthbath, will help keep your active pup clean after your outdoor adventures without drying out their skin. For short haired dogs, you can use a damp rag to remove dirt and mud, but you’ll still need to stop by a dog wash more often than if your dog was a homebody. 

Does Your Dog Have Skin Conditions?

Dogs with allergies or skin issues have special needs in the bathing department. Dogs with oily skin will need to be bathed about every 4 weeks to keep their pores from clogging. Oatmeal and aloe shampoos and conditioners benefit all dogs, but are especially important to use for dogs with sensitive skin or skin issues requiring more frequent bathing. If your dog has skin allergies, bathing them once a month with oatmeal and aloe dog shampoo and conditioner can help relieve their symptoms. For special needs pooches, make sure to check with your vet to see how often you should be giving them a wash. 

Treat Your Dog to a Healthy Clean at Dusty’s

Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash has a dedicated pet washing station, stocked with natural products to keep your best bud clean and healthy. We provide Earthbath dog shampoo and conditioner, made with oatmeal and aloe which naturally moisturizes your pet’s skin and coat while removing dirt and neutralizing any unwanted odors. Safe and helpful for dogs dealing with sensitive skin or allergies, you can treat even your neediest pup to an Earthbath in our self-service dog wash. Whether you’re bringing your dog over for a seasonal bath or stopping by on your way back from a muddy lake romp, we’re excited to see your four-legged friend. Make it a one-stop-shop, and wash your car once your dog is spruced up. 

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