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How Long Should I Go Between Car Washes?

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Keeping things clean isn’t just about appearances. From our clothing to our homes, cleaning extends the life of the things we rely on most, which includes our vehicles. Our vehicles require proper cleaning to maintain their health and longevity. Environmental elements, industrial pollutants and normal wear and tear can take a heavy toll on our cars and trucks. Cleaning your car’s exterior is important for preventing damage to the paint and metal and it keeps your windows clear for safety reasons. Cleaning your wheels prevents discoloration and slows the process of sidewall cracking and weather checking. 

You know cleaning your car is important, but how often should you be doing it? The car washing professionals at Dusty’s Car Wash take vehicle maintenance seriously. We’ve provided this guide to help you know when you should clean and wax your car. 

Keep Clean Under Normal Conditions

If you only drive your car to and from work and to run errands, you may not notice much accumulating dirt or grime outside the winter months. It’s still important to clean your car regularly, even if it doesn’t look too dirty. Under normal conditions, you should wash your car every two to three weeks. This washes away environmental contaminants like dirt, chemicals, and insects. Additionally, the professionals at Turtle Wax recommend waxing your car every 90 days to protect the finish from UV and moisture damage and keep it looking shiny and vibrant. If you wash your car in a manual car wash, make sure to pay attention to your wheels and windows in addition to the body of your car. 

When to Go the Extra Mile

Sometimes our cars need extra care. In the winter, the roads are often caked with salt and sand to melt ice and keep us safe from accidents. Unfortunately, this salt is corrosive to your vehicle. During the winter, it’s important to increase the frequency of washing your car to once a week to prevent the accumulation of corrosive salts. Because the winter months are cold, it’s important to choose a car wash that offers rapid drying and an ice surface protectant. Outside of the winter, people who spend more time driving in natural environments and whose cars get more muddy action need to wash their cars more often. While all that mud and dirt may look cool, it can damage the longevity of your vehicle. You deserve more time outdoors with your trusty truck. 

Don’t Sleep On Extra Messes

Living in Minnesota, especially in rural areas, there are many things that can happen that warrant an emergency car wash. Unfortunately, hitting animals can be a reality at any time of year. If this happens, it’s important to get your car cleaned right away to prevent the spread of bacteria and decay. Likewise, don’t wait on cleaning away excessive insects from the body and windshield. Using your wipers can clear up visibility, but it’s important to properly wash your car as well. Bug guts are acidic and can cause long term damage to your vehicle. Taking these extra steps isn’t about vanity; it’s about maintaining the health of your vehicle. 

Keep Your Car Clean at Dusty’s. 

Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash offers both automatic and manual bays for keeping your vehicle clean all year long. With Express, Deluxe and Works washes available, we provide whatever clean you need for appropriate maintenance of your vehicle’s exterior. Dusty’s uses Turtle Wax Pro products to provide industry-leading soaps and waxes to properly clean and protect your car. For a trusted partner in routine maintenance for your professional fleet, check out Dusty’s Fleet Program. Whether you’re stopping by for a routine clean, seasonal waxing or urgent clean up after a particularly messy ride, Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash is standing by, 7 days a week from 4AM to midnight. For more information, give us a call at (320) 362-3162 or visit our website. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what’s happening at Dusty’s. 

Visit Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash

When you stop into Dusty’s for ‘The Works’ wash, your vehicle is treated with industry-leading products to provide the clean, the shine and the protection you deserve. With Turtle Wax’s FIRE WAX, you’re not only getting a glossy, color-enhancing finish, you’re also forming a force field to protect against the elements. FIRE WAX is ECOLOGO® certified and therefore has been proven to comply with high standards for environmental performance so you’re also helping to reduce your vehicle’s long-term impact on the environment when you use it. Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash is open 7 days a week from 4AM to Midnight, so stop by for a powerfully protective clean, day or night.