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How FIRE WAX Can Protect Your Vehicle from The Elements

Our vehicles don’t just get us from point A to point B. The vehicles we drive are also symbols of our hard work and achievement. It’s good to take pride in what you drive, and with new car prices averaging at $45,000, it’s important to make sure the products you use to maintain your vehicle are supporting your investment.

Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash proudly uses professional products from America’s most trusted brand, Turtle Wax, to maximize your car’s appearance and protect it from the damaging and dirty environments we find on the road. Part of the Turtle Wax Pro line, FIRE WAX is a revolutionary carnauba-based wax derived from the leaves of the Brazilian carnauba tree. It is the hardest natural wax on the planet. When employed in professional vehicle waxes, it provides incredible protection against the elements. How? Keep reading to find out.

FIRE WAX Provides Excellent Water Protection

Carnauba wax is insoluble in both water and ethanol, making it an extremely beneficial base for car waxes. With powerful water beading and waterproofing capabilities, FIRE WAX repels precipitous elements from your vehicle’s surfaces to prevent oxidation. It also provides protection from other environmental and industrial materials such as street salt.

FIRE WAX Protects Against UV Rays

Even when it’s cold outside, UV rays beat down and cause vehicle paint to peel, chip and fade over time. Because FIRE WAX is carnauba-based, it contains methoxycinnamic acid which provides natural protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. FIRE WAX also enriches your vehicle’s paint color, providing that new care shine.

FIRE WAX Uses Flash-Foam Technology

To adequately protect your vehicle from environmental elements, a product must have the correct surfactant solution to produce maximal coverage. Flash-foam technology helps products effectively produce while maintaining their stability. FIRE WAX uses flash-foam technology to cover your vehicle in a dense curtain of red foam, rapidly spreading the carnauba-powered protection over its surfaces. Best of all, FIRE WAX can cover hard-to-reach areas.

FIRE WAX Dries Quickly

FIRE WAX dries quickly, enabling its carnauba base to form a hard shell bond over your car rapidly. No matter the weather, you can confidently leave the car wash knowing that your vehicle is protected.

Visit Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash

When you stop into Dusty’s for ‘The Works’ wash, our automated car wash machines treat your vehicle with industry-leading products to provide the clean, the shine and the protection you deserve. With Turtle Wax’s FIRE WAX, you’re not only getting a glossy, color-enhancing finish, you’re also forming a force field to protect against the elements. FIRE WAX is ECOLOGO® certified and therefore has been proven to comply with high standards for environmental performance so you’re also helping to reduce your vehicle’s long-term impact on the environment when you use it. Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash is open 7 days a week from 4AM to Midnight, so stop by for a powerfully protective clean, day or night.