Can Certain Soaps Damage My Car’s Paint Job?

A fresh paint job makes every car look like new and is something to be protected. Many substances your car encounters on the road can erode paint: brake fluid, gasoline and salt, to name a few. In order to protect your car’s paint job you may choose to wash it frequently to keep that new-car shine. However, many soaps can actually do more harm than good for your car’s paint job. Read on to learn more about which soaps to avoid and why. 

A Common Alternative to Avoid

There are many cleaning products on the market; so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming. To circumvent looking for fancy cleaning products and simplify your search, one may consider a simple household option: dish soap. Dish soap is cheap and readily available, so why not? 

In the spirit of common sense, you should never use dish soap because it is dish soap, not car soap. It was not designed to keep your car clean. Rest assured, there is sound reasoning behind this seemingly simple explanation: 

Dish Soap Damages Your Car’s Paint Job

Dish soap is engineered to break up food, particles, grease, fat and oils. Dishes are usually made of glass or plastic, while car bodies are made from a mix of aluminum, fiberglass, industrial plastic and steel. If you like to keep your car waxed and shined, dish soap will break

through the wax as if it was grease on a dinner plate. If you keep using dish soap to clean your car, over time, it will start breaking down the surface of your car’s paint too. 

Your car’s paint is highly specialized as it is designed to protect the body of your car from the elements for many years to come. Dish soap is cheaper than automotive soap in the short run, but you will pay dearly in the long run. At Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash, we use Turtle Wax Pro products to keep your car clean and its paint looking like new. We do the job the right way, no matter what. 

Dish Soap is Highly Abrasive

Car exteriors don’t respond well to abrasive soaps. Dish soap is highly abrasive and will wreak havoc on a car’s paint job over time. Damaged paint leads to rust spots and rough spots, making it harder to effectively clean your car in the future. The more you use dish soap, the more pronounced these issues will become. 

At Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash, our soap does more than remove the dirt from your car; it keeps your car’s paint healthy. Your car deserves the proper treatment, so consider getting a car wash and wax, or a deluxe car wash today. 

Protect Your Car’s Paint Job at Dusty’s

Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash offers both automatic and manual bays for keeping your vehicle clean all year long. With Express, Deluxe and Works washes available, we provide whatever clean you need for appropriate maintenance of your vehicle’s exterior. We use Turtle Wax Pro products to provide industry-leading soaps and waxes to properly clean and protect your car. For a trusted partner in routine maintenance for your professional fleet, check out Dusty’s Fleet Program. Whether you’re stopping by for a routine clean, seasonal waxing or urgent clean up after a particularly messy ride, Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash is standing by, 7 days a week from 4AM to midnight. For more information, give us a call at (320) 362-3162 or visit our website. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook too.