Approaches to Washing an Extra-Large RV

It’s time to get your RV ready for the road.

Keeping your RV clean is an important part of maintaining its lifespan and will save you money on repairs. However, washing an RV isn’t like getting a deluxe car wash; it’s more like washing a small house with wheels. But don’t worry! We have some advice. Read on as we discuss ways to keep your extra-large RV clean.

Use a Pre-Soak

In order to get bugs and bird droppings off easier, spray a pre-soak all over your RV, especially in the front where the bugs collect.  Let the Pre-Soak sit for a couple minutes as you move around the vehicle.  Then rinse off your entire RV with a High-Power Rinse.  After freeing up the bugs, droppings and grime, wash your RV with a foaming soap meant for vehicles.  Then, rinse good again!

Use a Wax

RVs have protective gel coats that protect them against damage from the sun and weather. As you use your RV, dirt and grime build on its surface, which can wear down that protective coat. We suggest using a good wax to keep your RV looking new as a part of your RV cleaning routine. You’ll also notice that bugs and road grime fall off your RV much easier with wax.  At Dusty’s Car and Pet Wash, we offer a high quality wax and we have a extra large manual wash bay to fit even the largest RVs.

Stay Away from Dish Soap

It can be tempting to use dish soap to wash your RV, but don’t make this mistake. Dish soap is harsh and strips away your RV’s protective gel goal. When you wash with dish soap regularly, the soap leaves a film that causes the gel coat to deteriorate.

Try Baby Shampoo and Vinegar

If you choose to wash your RV at home, we’ll share a secret with you: baby shampoo. Mixed with a small amount of distilled vinegar in water, this trick will work wonders if you want a lasting, thorough clean. The vinegar is the secret ingredient here because it makes the baby shampoo more effective and it eliminates water spots. Another material to avoid is microfiber towels and brushes. They will create microscopic surface scratches that are difficult to see, but will significantly wear down your RV’s protective coat over time. To simplify things though, we suggest finding an RV car wash near you that has softened water, powerful water pressure, brushes and soaps to give your RV the proper cleaning and care it needs.

Treat Your RV Right at Dusty’s

While it’s true that you have options to wash your RV at home, save yourself the hassle and drive it over to Dusty’s, the best RV car wash in Minnesota. With a 13’2’ high clearance, 12′ wide doors, a 60′ long wash bay and bright, clean bays give you all the space you need to wash your RV quickly and easily. We have the finest selection of pre-soak, soap, wax and tire cleaner, ready to make your RV sparkle. Whether you’re stopping by for a routine clean, seasonal waxing or urgent clean-up after a particularly messy ride, we are open 7 days a week from 4AM to midnight. For more information on RV care and our other services, including our deluxe car wash, visit our website